Colorado Foreclosure Law and Procedure

Here is a summary of foreclosure laws and rules for the State of Colorado:

In Colorado foreclosure law permits both judicial and non-judicial foreclosure

Non-judicial deed of trust sale is overwhelmingly preferred.

Colorado has an impartial, accountable, "public trustee" appointed by the Governor for each county, who handles power of sale foreclosures on request.

If the loan default is due to nonpayment, then the borrower can give notice of an intention to cure the default at least seven days before the foreclosure sale.

The lender may sue for a deficiency.

Colorado eliminated the owner's redemption period effective January 1, 2008.

Much more information is available throughout this website, but for definitive advice ask a Colorado lawyer.

If you are interested in reading the actual statutes relevant to mortgage and foreclosure in Colorado those laws are available online.

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